Special Delivery! Friday on set with my crazy fun crew for @GoWithoutWalls | #GoofingOffOnSet #BarbiesBackInHerBox #TwoDayShoot

Too cute!

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Without Walls

"@stebertramrose: I finally got to meet this gorgeous woman who I get compared to all the time..(FOR YEARS) People twist and mistake our pictures because they think that Im her and she is me! I always wondered what it would look like to have a pic together to see how similar we look! @golden_barbie youre a great person with positive energy! Im glad we got to meet, because our connection was real! #Homie So what do you guys think? Do we look a like or nah?😁"



Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better… I met this amazing woman backstage after the show! 😳😍 | @whoopigoldberg #EPIC #iLive #NYFW14 #JermeyScott #JasmineSanders

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New York Fashion Week

It’s all funny!

Jasmine Sanders and Stephanie Bertram Rose

New York Fashion Week